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Second Nature Official Movie Soundtrack Album Artwork - cropped

Second Nature Official Movie Soundtrack Available Now!

Today’s the day! The Second Nature DVD is out, along with the Second Nature Official Movie Soundtrack. Check it out now available on iTunes, Amazon, and all your favorite music outlets. Featuring a half dozen original toe-tappin’, noggin-bobbin’ tracks from The Filthy Hypocrites (featuring members of indie pop stalwarts Half Acre Day). Also featuring brilliant score work from Grammy winning composer Mateo Messina (Juno, Up in the Air).

Download the album it on iTunes now!

The first 10 people to like and share this post on Facebook will receive the soundtrack with a download card. PLUS… a copy of the soundtrack artwork signed by members of the Filthies.

Everyone who likes and shares this post on Facebook will get a free Fight Like a Girl Ringtone (iPhone format) – as heard on Amanda’s phone in the film.

Second Nature World Premiere Tonight, Official Soundtrack Release Sept 19

Things are gonna be poppin’ and droppin’ the next few days – popcorn tonight at the Ark Lodge Cinemas in Seattle where Second Nature will be having its red carpet premiere. Q&A following with director Michael Cross!

7:15 Shows upstairs in House 1. No lift.

Ark Lodge Cinemas
4816 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118
Movieline: (206) 721-3156

Capping it off, the Second Nature Official Motion Picture Soundtrack will be dropping on iTunes, Amazon, et al on September 19, as the movie hits DVD. Featuring hits by your trulies The Filthy Hypocrites and terrific score by Mateo Messina.

Second Nature Poster Detail

Cast and Crew Screening Party, Filthies Live Debut!

This is bananas! Tonight The Filthy Hypocrites will be performing live onstage for the first time at Columbia City Theater in Seattle. We wish everyone could be there, but alas, it’s a private event – the cast and crew screening party for Second Nature, that Kickstarter-funded indie movie we keep mentioning (on the sporadic occasions where we mention anything at all – what can we say, this rollout has been a slow process… we’re so tied in with this movie at this point – and the movie itself has been so hush-hush – that I haven’t even invited anyone to ‘like’ us anywhere yet, which leaves us with almost no friends at this time… it’s okay, personally I’m used to that, believe me). Regardless, we intend to document the event accordingly, with the fruits of those efforts to be posted here.

Couple things worth mentioning: Second Nature will be premiering at the Napa Valley Film Festival next month. Never been to Napa… or dressed “Napa casual,” but we’re gonna be there to catch the premiere, you betcha.

Also, any day now Cross Films is going to be debuting the official trailer (featuring original music from the Filthies, of course). When that happens, best believe we’ll be posting it here for your trailery enjoyment.

We’re pretty jazzed about this movie, a comedy/fantasy where the stereotypical societal roles of men and women are playfully switched (because magic) and the ensuing hilarity that… ensues. A great collection of talented people are making this flick happen in the best way, including our new friend, Writer/Director Michael Cross, gifted up-and-coming comedic actors Colette Wolfe (Interstellar, Hot Tub Time Machine) and Sam Huntington (Jimmy “Freaking” Olsen in Superman [Freaking] Returns), and a terrific, professional cast and crew. To top it off, Grammy-winning composer Mateo Messina (Juno) is holding down the excellent score, and The Filthy Hypocrites will be splitting the soundtrack album with him. OMG, sweats… we’re like the next Moldy Peaches! Wait, whatever happened to her/them?

I personally suffer from acute star-struckedness when in the vicinity of anyone even mildly famous, so I’m doubly anxious about the show tonight. If I can make it through without making a babbling boob of myself onstage or off, I’ll chalk it up as a win. Naw, I’m just playin’… the show is gonna rock.

Naw, but I will make a boob of myself.

“Let’s Start a Band!” – The Birth of the Filthy Hypocrites

With our long-time Seattle-based psych-pop quintet Half Acre Day having been in a holding pattern now for some time, we thought it was time for something new.

When I say “long-time,” we’re talking nearly 22 years since we formed, when most of us were technically still teenagers.

Man… think I need to sit on that bit of trivia for a sec…

Of course, this ain’t about Half Acre Day. For now, HAD’s taken a backseat to other projects for all its members; Dusty’s playing with the awesome Blackheart Honeymoon (go see them play right now… yes, they’re probably playing). Marty just released a killer solo album as Guns Guns. Paul – musically gregarious as ever – is tearin’ it up with Americana duo Caleb & Walter, Sunday Evening Whiskey Club, Jessica Lynne and the Cousins, and Just got through touring Europe with southern rock monsters SweetKiss Momma (not to mention producing the aforementioned Guns Guns album). Matt C is making amazing artwork (not to mention joining in with this new project – see below). I’m enormously proud to be associated with these gentlemen, and look forward to convening with them on the regular once again.

Meantime, Matt K and former HAD drummer Aaron have formed this new little number, The Filthy Hypocrites, a fluid-membered rockband/ongoing art project (which happily sometimes includes HAD founding member and bassist Matt C, and vocalist Aubry) that continues in the tradition of their erstwhile songwriting partnership. If you’re a fan of HAD’s weirdo-happysad milieu, this is where it went… only it’s different now. We’ve been busy in the studio, and have laid basic tracks for more than a half-dozen new songs so far. In fact, several are near completion and ready to be unleashed.

What are we gonna do with em, you ask? Oh, you’ll see. It’s gonna be pretty cool.

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